Early Pear cannabis seeds Jsou zde 1 semínka.

Early Pearl is undoubtedly one of the sweethearts and the pride of seed bank Sensi Seeds.
This is a first-class feminized genetically majority sativa, which is popular with those who seek durability and stability of plants from beginning to end.
The original goal during breeding model Early Pearl in the hands of the Sensi Seeds was to "provide good quality medical cannabis and those who live in colder climates."
THC in the variety Early Pearl can be described as high to very high. Beginners should in case of application for therapeutic purposes to proceed with regard to their tolerance to THC.
Early Pearl its name deservedly earned for reliability and speed of maturation, which serves primarily patients where flies are short and lack of sun.
This is where Early Pearl has enjoyed popularity over more than 20 years, and can therefore be considered as proven cannabis classics.

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