Early Pearl marijuana seeds

Early Pearl belongs to the family of "early" from Sensi Seeds (other members are Early Skunk
and Early Girl) and were specially bred already in the eighties. Its genetic
equipment is top secret, because she never disclosed the manufacturer, so we can only
argue about how and what makes occurred. But at least we know what content can
THC achieve and that is 15-24%.

The most common effects Early Pearl creativity, opportunity to focus and relaxation.
Thanks to the strong urge to concentrate, individuals may come as quite normal and uninteresting
things extremely attractive and striking.

Because the Early Pearl is rich capabilities to help with concentration and is suitable
for people with attention disorders. In addition, little can streamline stress and helps
depression. If we focus solely on the benefits of physical point of view, and Early Pearl
attenuates headaches and helps with digestive problems because it is anti-inflammatory.

were reported not so critical side effects, but it has been proven that the Early
Pearl should avoid people who tend to panic attacks and paranoia.

Early Pearl marijuana seeds

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