G 13 marijuana seeds Je zde 12 semen.

G13 is literally a variety of cannabis, which is part of the medicine cabinet for all patients - conspiracy theorists.
Cannabis as part of a conspiracy by the CIA and FBI? Reportedly, yes ...
A variety of extremely powerful G13 high cannabinoid THC is said to be the result of attempts by the CIA and the FBI, whose members collected the most powerful models of marijuana in the world, crossed them and created a legend hemp underworld - G13. < br /> Whether this theory is true or not, nothing will change the fact that this is a high-quality model of therapeutic cannabis, which is on rails oblíbennosti retained to this day.
G13 - genetics model
G13 (or government indica strain) is a 100% pure Indica variety. However, today it is genetics of this model modified slightly and is almost 70% and 30% Indica sativa.
Typical treatments include the use G13 sedation during stress, anxiety or depression, and also help with insomnia.
The negative effects of a high THC content can include anxiety, dry mouth or eyes.

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