Green Poison cannabis seeds

Green Poison, or Czech Green Poison, its name initially mate.
On closer view, however, a curious patient discovers that in fact it is a high quality model of therapeutic cannabis.

Specifically, the creation masterfully experienced breeder seed bank Sweet Seeds.

Green Poison - characteristics and genetics of the strain

70/30 - such ratio relative sativa indica genetic makeup Green Poison model.

dominant Indian Green Poison were characterized by a very high content of THC.

THC Green Poison model is around 20%.

Users of the Green Poison highlights the particular insidious onset of effects.

Novices should during application model Green Poison pay attention to your own tolerance to THC and allow for a slower start of the effect of cannabinoids.

Green Poison - therapeutic use

Green Poison is due to the long and gradual effect popular among patients searching for relief from chronic pain.

Other common usage model hemp Green Poison include relief from headaches to stronger migraines.

Green Poison cannabis seeds

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