Hash Plant marijuana seeds

Hash Plant is a variety of marijuana that has become almost iconic.

History variety Hash Plant
Hash Plant is literally the old model schoolových supporters of therapeutic cannabis.
Genetics Strainu Hash Plant dates back to 1980, when thanks to a group of breeders located on the northwest coast of the United States saw the rich trichomes Hash Plantu first light of the world.

Hash Plant in bringing Sensi Seeds

it is already optimized version Hash Plantu available worldwide thanks to the masterful work of Dutch breeders legendary Seed Bank Sensi Seeds.
Sensi Seeds during the final formation commercialized genetics Hash Plantu decided to use across country between Hash Plant and the equally famous indica Northern Lights # 1 position.
The final Hash Plant is undoubtedly a huge success, which not only carries all the important old skoolového Hash Plant, it is also the winner of many awards and Cannabis Cup.

Hash Plant - a typical Indica

As an absolutely typical Indica variety Hash Plant is often seen in the hands of patients who are treated for example:

- Insomnia

- mood disorders and stress

- nausea and anorexia (such as during chemotherapy)

Hash Plant marijuana seeds

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