Haze cannabis seeds Je zde 86 semen.

Haze is a typical sativa which, thanks to its stability, strength and content of cannabinoids hold in the forefront of Fame for years
Totally original Haze genetics were brought to the world during the seventies. Californian growers embarked on a crossing of the finest genetics of cannabis sativa. As a result, there was a bank of genetic mixing is cannabis coming from all corners of South America and South Asia.

First Californian Haze was 100% hybrid Sativa strain. Users then it began en masse because of the popularity spectrum nasládlému terpenes and effects that were unusually energetic nature.

Haze - cannabinoids
Haze is absolutely typical, energetic and cerebral sativa which is normally in viewfinder patients seeking relief from fatigue and stress.
Furthermore, it is typically not filled Haze cannabinoids THC, which are herein achieves very high heights.
Because of the very high content of THC with Haze patients treated with care and progress with regard to their experience and tolerance.

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