High Level cannabis seeds Je zde 3 semen.

High Level is the successor class Sativa Haze and Skunk.
The main improvement over the original legendary Haze Cannabis varieties in the case of High Level very high concentration of perfume terpenes.
Without a doubt we can say that Eva Seeds seed bank in the case of varieties High Level quality models set the bar really high Sativa.
High Level - Haze on a new level
High Level Haze is on steroids - that is, among other things, that it is a model with a very high THC content.
As such, it is recommended especially experienced patients and those who generally have a higher tolerance.
High Level - the best of Sativa
The remains of high quality genetics Haze combined with genes from a variety Skunk Cannabis sativa High Level consists of a very high standard.
As such, the High Level identification of patients which require a clean and cerebral energy effects, for example, in the treatment of:

- attention deficit disorders

- Chronic Fatigue

- Stress and anxiety

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