Hindu Kush marijuana seeds

Hindu Kush can certainly be regarded as an absolute icon of the genetics of cannabis Indica.
This is the variety and type of cannabis that makes the genetics of cannabis Indica famous worldwide.
Originally, the Hindu Kush grown only on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan, where matured commonly as wild hemp.
It is from these areas were the original Genetics Hindu Kush recovered and transported to the Western world.
Hindu Kush - the variety
Hindu Kush is a model whose content THC and other cannabinoids commonly achieved above-average values.
Typically THC content models Hindu Kush is about 15-20% of THC.
As such, a variety Hindu Kush occurs largely in the hands of experienced patients who require a higher THC content due to tolerance or treatment of severe pain.
HEALING model Hindu Kush is typically quite targeted to the treatment of:

- sleeplessness (insomnia)

- chronic pain

- Depression

- Anxious

- loss of appetite

Hindu Kush marijuana seeds

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