Hollands Hoop marijuana seeds

In the moment when it comes to outdoor cannabis varieties pop up in the minds of experienced cannabis connoisseurs eventually weathered variety Hollands Hope.
Hollands Hope is one of the absolutely classic outdoor cannabis models that are grown in Holland since the eighties.
As such, Hollands Hope popular with those who like cannabis with high resistance, stable growth capability and overall reliability and stability.
Needless to say, at the same time is the pride of the famous Dutch seed bank Dutch Passion.
Hollands Hope - Genetics varieties
What Genetics varieties Hollands Hope is concerned, it is an absolutely typical Indica.
As such plant Hollands Hope typically increase exceeding a maximum of two meters.
patients seek medical effects Indica Hollands Hope typically at:

- stress

- anxiety

- depression

- Insomnia

- Chronic pain

- inflammation

Hollands Hoop marijuana seeds

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