Jack Herer cannabis seeds

Variety Jack Herer now inevitably belongs to the Hall of Fame legendary cannabis
Veleznámá variety of Jack Herer, just named after the equally famous, hemp activist Jack Herer and author of the book The Emperor Wears No Clothes.
Shortly after its creation during the mid-nineties in Holland variety of Jack Herer shifted to rail-variety of celebrities and began to reap stellar rankings in all major competitions.
variety Jack Herer became famous mainly due to the excellent combination of energy effects of Sativa and metallurgical production giant crystal resin, which inherited mainly from their Indian ancestors Northern Lights.
Jack Herer - the variety of cannabis
Jack Herer among patients using cannabis for its medicinal effects are very popular choice.
The main reason for the popularity of Jack Herer is its flexibility and variety of effect.
Depending on the dose of Jack Herer patients according to their responses able to use this model to energize the mind and the treatment of anxiety or depression, and for problems such as:

- Sleeplessness (insomnia) < br />
- Chronic pain

- Treatment of nausea during chemotherapy

- Assistance in case of loss of appetite

- inflammation

Jack Herer cannabis seeds

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