Kali Mist cannabis seeds Jsou zde 1 semínka.

Kali Mist is one of the leading tahounských varieties of seed bank Serious Seeds.
This is a first-class F1 hybrid that combines the best of Sativa genetics.
Not for nothing is the variety Kali Mist is often called "the princess of sativa".
Kali Mist - the variety
Typically, the remarkable properties of the model Kali Mist is very high resin production. Mature flowers
Kali sites are typically coated with resin radiant full therapeutic cannabinoids.
What terpene content model Kali Mist is concerned, we find mostly high terpene content caryophyllene.
Karyoylen during momentary scientific studies below the viewfinder for its anti-inflammatory effects, as well as good effects against chronic pain.
Kali Mist is also a popular choice for recreational users of cannabis. It is therefore not surprising that recently Kali Mist won more than 10 different awards during the Cannabis Cup.

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