Kush marijuana seeds Je zde 18 semen.

Cannabis users, who are so-called old school, can not be right to let Afghan hashish and models that were created from the original varieties that come from the Hindu Kush then completely transformed the entire breeding scene.
The legend of Kush

varieties with genetic dominance Indica shorten the overall time needed to mature, resulting in enabled successful outdoor cultivation area to Alaska.
quality, potency and spectrum of medical cannabis genetics can hardly surpass. While different varieties of genetics Haze regularly dominate the top places in the category sativa (hemp), ruthlessly ruled Kush Indica category.
Kush, as genetics celebrated for its excellent healing properties, is typical of the so-called "couch-lock" effect, ie perfect for evening use both insomniac, so for example, patients suffering from depression or anxiety.
In addition, if we include intense citrus terpenes and long-lasting effect, it is clear to us that this variety will never forget the patients or recreational users.
Nowhere in the world today Kush genetics is not as popular as in the Southern California area, where many modern therapeutic cannabis dispensaries just focusing on the widest possible range of varieties Kush
the legend of the true potency of cannabis Kush has reached to such an extent that last year the US state of Illinois congressman introduced a bill that directly increases criminal penalties for "spreading Kush ".

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