Lowryder n.1 marijuana seeds Je zde 13 semen.

Lowryder is undoubtedly the star and the Mother of all quality autoflower (autoflowering) patterns of cannabis worldwide.
invention hybrid autoflowering Lowryder started the era of models and forever changed the whole cannabis scene.
Lowryder - a breakthrough autoflower
breeders who can now for the availability of genetics Lowryder owe, the development of this unique sought after more than 30 years.
First, there is a crossing finest plants legendary Northern Lights along with Mexican Mexican manifold cannabis Ruddy.
When gardeners mix contributed to the genetic model of Williams Wonder, it was clear that this was true.
Lowryder - Effects varieties
Lowryder has quickly become a popular choice of patients seeking more cerebral effects of psychological nature.
This model is suitable for the treatment of:


- concentration disorders

- Chronic fatigue

- Anxious

- Stress

- Depression
Recreational users when using Lowryder praises quality effects especially suitable for active days, but also moments of introspection and meditation .

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