Mazar cannabis seeds

Mazar is undoubtedly one of the flagships of Dutch Passion seed bank, at least in terms of quality indica varieties of hemp concerned.
This indica dominant was named after the place where it was originally imported into the western world - growing center called Afghanistan Mazar-I-Shariff.
Mazar - the variety
Mazar became world famous varieties of hemp for which they may owe mainly to its rich supply of plant terpenes.
Quality and mature cannabis flowers Mazar feature terpene limonene, which include a citrus fruit.
Limonene is currently under strict viewfinder scientists who combined THC along with limonene noticed a very effective anti depression and anxiety.
Mazar - medical use
Patients taking Mazar model for its medical effects, mostly talking about the application for treatment:


- Alzheimer

- Losses appetite

- Chronic pain

- Nausea (eg for chemotherapy)

Mazar cannabis seeds