Mexican marijuana seeds

Mexico is the ancient home and mother nature, who raised some of the finest marijuana genetics worldwide.

Mexico is in fact a piece of the globe, which is home to many different varieties, most of them are absolutely iconic part of modern hybrid cannabis.

Mexican - the best of the world sativa
despite the fact that absolutely pure landrace (natural growth) Sativa originating in Mexico have for modern customers looks quite repulsive, it is a prime example of high-quality natural hemp.

Mexican varieties of cannabis are typically elongated appearance, with a very supple and long leaves and flowers. Flowers
typically exhibit orange hair, that can hardly be overlooked.
Very characteristic features are also acting golden appearance glossy resin which covers the Mexican mature flowers.
Not for nothing is one of the most famous Mexican sativa says Acapulco Gold.
Mexican - effects and effects
Another typical feature of Mexican sativa is slow (not to be confused with weak) effect.
most common medical effects landrace sativa from Mexico include:

- Release of muscle load and cramping

- appetite stimulation

- Helping sick

infrequent adverse effects (especially at low tolerance) include:

- Dry mouth

- dry eyes

- Headache after offset of action

Mexican marijuana seeds

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