Moby Dick marijuana seeds Je zde 3 semen.

Moby Dick is undoubtedly one of the flagships of the varieties grown and the leading Dutch seed bank Dinafem.
No wonder - it is a world-class cross between the famous White Widow variety and Cannabis Sativa Haze.
White Widow is known mainly for its potency, while sativní Haze across the user base best known for high cerebral effect on the psyche.
Moby Dick - model properties
Among the variety of cannabis Moby Dick, which users and plant breeders weighs most definitely include:

- High resistance

- Stability

- profile terpenes (perfume vegetable substances)

- Cerebral effects and effects (psyche)
Moby Dick - therapeutic use
Among effects and the effects of Moby Dick varieties, which are sought after across the base of patients most definitely include:

- Assistance with stress, anxiety and depression

- disturbances of appetite and nausea (for example, during chemotherapy)

- Chronic pain

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