Nepalese marijuana seeds

Nepalese are among the world-renowned genetics of cannabis, which carry within them the best qualities of Nepalese varieties of marijuana.
Nepal is a country in which the therapeutic use of cannabis integral part of the spiritual aspects of life of the local population.
Nepalese - the variety

Nepal cannabis varieties tend to produce mostly average to above average amount of THC.
Typically THC content models Nepalese around 14-17%.
common signs Nepalese mature cannabis plant is also high content of terpenes (fragrant plant materials).
Nepalese - terpene content
Quality Nepalese flowers are characterized by a high content of terpenes linalool and limonene.
Limonene, inter alia, found in citrus fruits.
Limonene is also currently regarded by scientists as a synergistic agent along with THC, which is capable of providing high-quality effect against depression and anxiety.
In addition, it is a pure sativa.
Nepalese it is often popular with patients who need cannabis use during the day.

Nepalese marijuana seeds

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