Original Strawberry Cought cannabis seeds

Original Strawberry Cough is a dominant sativně, hybrid variety of therapeutic hemp created by crossing two high quality genetics.

One of their parents is a legendary Strawberry, while the second is less known variant Haze, called Cough or "cough".

This hilarious creation birth to Kyle Kushman of the State of New York.

The seeds of the cannabis later came to Europe, where they seized a Dutch bank Dinafem seeds and bring them to market in their final form.

Strawberry Cough has a higher build plants with larger spacing between the individual branches typical sativa, but the robustness of flowers and faster maturation period is influenced by its Indian genetics.

THC in the resin is around 23% and CBD are almost absent.

In terpene profile of this variety can be found limonene, myrcene, linalool, caryophyllene, humulene, ocimene and even pinene.

The therapeutic effects Strawberry Cough

Reportedly the best use of this variety is to treat stress and depression
Some people also use it to treat social anxiety
Patients also praised the cerebral and the stimulating effect of this plant
Further it is also used to treat pain
Reportedly helps in chronic fatigue patients
argue that stimulates appetite

Possible side effects

the most common is reportedly dry mouth and dry eyes
Some patients complained of dizziness
Additionally, you may experience anxiety or paranoia

the unusually diverse and a rich variety of terpene, along with strong healing effects, it is likely the reason why it is so popular Strawberry Cough and popular variety.

Original Strawberry Cought cannabis seeds

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