Ortega marijuana seeds

Ortega, a variety of therapeutic cannabis, whose roots date back to the period around 1980, is one of the masterpieces creation Mr. Nice Seeds.

This wholly Cannabis Indica carries the genetics of Northern Lights, but it is mainly the characteristics that make her cannabis culture have made an absolute classic.

The construction and structure of the plant itself corresponds exactly clean Indice. Květnová phase lasts approximately 8-9 weeks, and in adulthood may Ortega boasts various shades of purple.

THC in the resin with an average of around 15-17%, the highest measured value has reached 28% to the surprising

In this variety of terpene profile occurs predominantly caryophyllene and myrcene.

Myrcene terpene occurring in tropical fruits such as mango. Its effects act in synergy with THC, thus reinforcing effects of this variety.

sharply scented terpene caryophylene is mainly found in pepper and its effects are anti-inflammatory and can treat physical pain.

The therapeutic effects Ortega

Patients argue that this variety is an effective remedy for pain and may help people suffering from arthritis
Reportedly, it is also effective for nausea
some use it to treat depression, anxiety or stress
it can also eliminate headaches
Another patient claims that stimulates appetite

Possible side effects

Patients complaining of dry mouth and dry eyes

Ortega is a variety with a very potent but balanced healing effects with almost no side effects. Now therefore suitable for both inexperienced patients and those demanding.

Ortega marijuana seeds

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