Pakistan marijuana seeds

Pakistani variety of therapeutic cannabis are now an integral part of global cannabis culture.

The seeds of the Cannabis Indica pedigree comes mostly from the area around Kush mountains, where the inhospitable and dry conditions determine the structure and main characteristics of these plants.

Pakistan indica grow into a small height and have a bushy structure. Their Flower phase lasts a very short time and at the end of life are capable of producing robust flowers which are abundantly coated resin.

Thanks to the large production of resin locals since ancient times used to produce hashish, the consumption in this area is the highest in the world.

Another interesting feature is that the content of THC and CBD in these varieties very balanced, unlike their relatives from Asia.

Terpene spectrum for these varieties also very rich . We can find myrcene, limonene, linalool, pinene, caryophyllene and humulene.

A small building, a short flowering period, high resin production and a balanced active substances are the main reasons why today Pakistan Indica one of the most popular varieties on the market.

The most famous include OG Kush Bubba Kush, Purple Kush OG Skywalker, Master Kush, etc.

Pakistan varieties are reportedly most commonly used to treat pain, muscle cramps, migraine and nausea, but thanks to a balanced content of THC / CBD is also useful to relieve stress, depression and anxiety. In addition, they are suitable for patients who have no experience with cannabis or are sensitive to the effects of a higher THC.

Pakistan marijuana seeds

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