Papa´s Candy marijuana seeds

Papas candy is a dominant 90% Indica from seed bank Eva Seeds.

The genetics created by crossing varieties with Pakistani variety of the Asian country Laos.

Papas Candy plant is low and bushy structure, as is the case with most of indicating.

It is worth noting that these genetics, among others, won 1st place in Spannabis Cannabis Champions Cup 2013 in the category Indoor Bio and for two consecutive years, from 2008-2009, also won 2nd place in the same competition in the category of Resin.

THC falls somewhere between 14-20%.

In this therapeutic profile terpene variety occurs predominantly myrcene, pinene and limonene.

The effects myrcene act in synergy with THC and extends and amplifies its effects. In nature, the terpene found in tropical fruits such as mango or kiwi.

Pinene terpene which occurs in a pine and coniferous and woody aroma. It improves concentration and has anti-inflammatory effects.

Limonene helps against depression and also has anti-inflammatory effects. We can be found in citrus fruits.

The therapeutic effects Papas Candy

This variety is reportedly effective for treating pain and nausea.
Some people also use it for relief from stress and depression
reportedly has also encouraging cerebral effect that goes best use through the day
It can also stimulate the appetite

Possible side effects

It may appear dry mouth
incorrectly doses, patients have complained of dizziness
in some cases it may appear paranoia

Papa´s Candy marijuana seeds

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