Red Poison marijuana seeds Je zde 3 semen.

Red Poison, hybrid seeds Genetics from the Spanish bank Sweet Seeds is a hybrid of the indigenous varieties of Pakistani very popular Green Poison.

Red Poison plant is unique in that it is the end of life of its leaves and flowers turn into various shades of purple and red. Along with copious amounts of silver resin is its resulting appearance very unique visual experience.

This variety can contain 14-20% of THC, even though called "Red Poison", most patients say they have a calming and relaxing effect.

Red Poison has a very refined spectrum of terpenes. It consists mainly of myrcene, limonene, pinene and even caryophylene and humulene.

Myrcene fruity smelling terpene, which naturally occurs, for example, the mango or kiwi. Intensifies and prolongs the effects of THC, which is becoming an important part of this variety.

Limonene has anti-inflammatory and antidepressant effects. It located mainly in a lemon and citrus aroma.

Pinene terpene which occurs in a pine and pine and woody fragrance. It has cerebral, stimulating and anti-inflammatory effects.

Caryophyllene has strong anti-inflammatory and relieves physical pain. It has a sharp scent and is found in pepper.

humulene has, like caryophyllene, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. The terpene is abundant in hops and has an earthy smell and taste.

The therapeutic effects of Red Poison

Most patients relishes stimulating and cerebral effect that effectively help fight stress and depression
Another says it has strong anti-inflammatory properties, which is suitable for sick or even physical pain and muscle spasms.
Some patients helps insomnia
Reportedly also stimulates appetite

Possible side effects

Most patients complain of dry mouth or dry eyes
In very rare cases there can be a slight dizziness or paranoia

Red Poison variety is suitable for day and night use, and thanks to its balanced effect is also suitable for complete beginners. The high content of THC, however, able to satisfy even the most experienced patients.

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