Respect 13 marijuana seeds

Seeds seed bank Raggae spent years developing F1 genetics, which today is known as Respect.

The seeds of this variety of therapeutic cannabis plants created by crossing male Cannalope Haze, along with the La Juanita Lagrimosa (or Tearful Jane).

The result is a balanced and stable variety that produces robust buds covered such a large amount of trichomes that are almost completely white.

Moreover, the ratio of THC and CBD in the resin almost 1: 1, thus perfectly suited for therapeutic use.

With these characteristics, it is not surprising that this variety won first prize in the Cannabis Champions Cup 2012 in the category Indoor Bio.

Respect also has a rich variety of terpenes. There are often myrcene, pinene, limonene and caryophyllene.

Myrcene act in synergy with THC and strengthens the overall effects of this variety. In nature it is found in exotic fruits such as mango or kiwi.

pinene is a terpene smelling like pine needles or wood and is found mainly in the pines. It has anti-inflammatory effects and allegedly supports concentration and stimulates the mind.

Limonene occurs naturally in citrus fruits. It has anti-inflammatory and antidepressant effects.

Caryophyllene scented terpene is sharp and occurs mainly in pepper. It helps to physical pain and also has anti-inflammatory effects.

The therapeutic effects of Respect 13

reportedly is very effective at relieving depression, stress and anxiety
Some argue that a strong cerebral effect that clears fatigue and fits on creative work or conversation
it also argues that effectively helps to physical pain and nausea
with its terpenovému profile also has strong anti-inflammatory effects

Possible side effects

the most common is reportedly dry mouth
in very rare cases, patients may appear by anxiety or paranoia

13 Respect is a very solid variety, which is due to its balanced ratio of active substances great use in medicine. It is also suitable for complete beginners, but is able to satisfy even the most experienced and demanding patients.

Respect 13 marijuana seeds

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