Roadrunner marijuana seeds

Roadrunner is a sophisticated hybrid cannabis treatment, developed by veterans of seeds bank Dinafem.

The crossing of unique varieties Dinafem # 1 Cannabis Ruderalis and stabilize the hybrid genetics for many generations gave rise autoflowerings therapeutic cannabis known as the Roadrunner.

In this work we thank veterans of many years of seeds bank Dinafem Seeds.

Roadrunner is strong and well-balanced variety which is able to produce large quantities of flowers robust for a very short time.

This variety has a good ratio of THC and CBD, which is suitable for therapeutic use.

As far as terpenes, and in trichomes Roadrunner occurs mostly limonene, pinene and caryophyllene.

Limonene has anti-inflammatory and stimulating effects. In nature we can be found mainly in citrus fruits such as lemon.

pinene allegedly promotes concentration and has a total cerebral effect. It is also anti-inflammatory. Located example, in the pines.

Caryophyllene terpene with spicy aromas and appears in pepper. It has anti-inflammatory effects and helps to physical problems and pain.

The therapeutic effects Roadrunner

Patients argue that effectively relieves physical pain and spasms
reportedly also helps to nausea
In addition, also has anti-inflammatory effects
Some of this variety are used for relief of depression and anxiety
reportedly also helps insomnia

Side effects may include

the most common dry mouth
in wrong dosage may experience dizziness
Some complain of paranoia or anxiety

Roadrunner marijuana seeds

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