Sage cannabis seeds

P. A., G. E., or Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium is dominant sativa well-balanced effects sativa indica.

This variety in 1999 won 2nd place in the Cannabis Cup and well placed on Cannabis Cup blind taste test in 2001.

This variety is unique because of its Balance between the sedative effects of Cannabis indica and cerebral and stimulating effects of Cannabis sativa

Spectrum terpenes in the genetics represents predominantly pinene, myrcene and limonene.

terpene pinene has cerebral and anti-inflammatory effects that are typical for most sativa. Naturally occurs in the pines.

Myrcene naturally found in tropical fruits and works in synergy with THC.

Limonene has the smell and taste like citrus fruits, in which the most prevalent. Counteracts depression and stress.

The therapeutic effects S. A. G. E.

The largest percentage of patients using this variety for relief from physical or chronic pain
Another use it for relief from stress and depression.
Reportedly also helps headaches
Some of it I used to stimulate appetite

Possible side effects

It can cause dry mouth or dry eyes
When the wrong dosage, some complained of headache
you might also paranoia or anxiety

S. A. G. E. are among the more challenging varieties in terms of therapeutic use. Its almost pure Sativa with a very large percentage of THC with if they want patients, especially those less experienced, exploit the therapeutic potential of this variety to the fullest, you must have a well thought dosing regimen.

Sage cannabis seeds

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