Skunk n.1 cannabis seeds

Skunk # 1 is one of the first stable Dutch hemp seed treatment.

Its genetics are combining Afghani Indica, Acapulco Gold and Mexican and Columbian Gold.

The therapeutic effects of this variety are so potent that the name "Skunk" is often used for any other, highly effective, the variety of cannabis.

Skunk # 1 is characteristic for its wide leaves and dense and robust buds, flowering phase which consists of nearly all matter of the whole plant.

Dominant terpenes in this variety are especially myrcene, pinene and limonene

limonene is effective against depression and stress, occurs in nature in citrus fruits

pinene is a terpene smelling like pine needles and has anti-inflammatory effects. Can stimulate the mind and concentration.

Myrcene occurs for example in the manga, and has the smell of a mixture of tropical fruits. The terpene prolongs and intensifies the effects of THC, which also enhances the therapeutic effects Skunk.

The therapeutic effects Skunk # 1

Most patients claim that it helps to stress and depression
Additionally reportedly effectively relieves physical pain
Some using this strain nausea
Reportedly can also be used for chronic fatigue.

Possible side effects

Patients frequently complain of dry mouth and dry eyes
can to experience dizziness and anxiety
Some complained about the paranoia

Skunk n.1 cannabis seeds

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