Stella Blue marijuana seeds

Stella Blue is the dominant Cannabis Sativa, whose roots date back to Humboldt County, California.

The seeds of this variety of therapeutic cannabis was crossing the legendary Blueberry Sativa varieties of unknown origin.

THC is between 12 to 18%

terpenes spectrum is nearly identical in Blueberry itself. It consists mainly of pinene, myrcene and caryophyllene.

pinene has cerebral effect and promotes concentration. It smells like pine.

Myrcene occurs in tropical fruits such as mango and prolongs and enhances the effects of THC.

Caryophyllene a smell like pepper and helps with physical pain and anti-inflammatory.

The therapeutic effects of Stella Blue

A strong cerebral effect for allegedly helping disorders such as ADHD
According to patients, reduces stress and depression
Many patients claim that they have encouraging and uplifting.
Reportedly can also be used to reduce inflammation and pain.

Side effects may include

The most common is reportedly dry mouth
Sativni nature of this variety can cause paranoia
In the wrong dosage may experience dizziness

Stella Blue is best suited for patients seeking mental stimulation and cerebral effect.

These effects can best be used in the daytime, but some may also suit nighttime use, for example, to meditation.

sativní Her character is not suitable for people prone to paranoia. Patients are generally advised careful dosing.

Stella Blue marijuana seeds

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