Super Skunk marijuana seeds

Super Skunk is a strong hybrid seeds by genetic bank Sensi Seeds.

This hybrid combines classic Skunk # 1, along with Afghan indica.

Its easily the dominant Cannabis Indica.

THC in the resin can reach 28% and CBD is around 2.5%.

In adulthood, the plant has a variety of robust and numerous flowers that are stained to dark green and sometimes yellow or red.

As for the spectrum of terpenes, and are dominated pinene, limonene, caryophyllene and myrcene.

Pinene has anti-inflammatory effects on the brain and can improve concentration. Located mainly in pine needles.

Limonene occurs naturally in citrus fruits. It has anti depressant effects.

Caryophyllene has anti-inflammatory effects on the muscles and the viscera. We can be found in the pepper.

Potential of this variety intensifies myrcene, which acts synergistically with THC. It has the smell of a mixture of tropical fruit.

The therapeutic effects of Super Skunk

Patients this variety most commonly used for the relief of physical pain.
Ideal for relief from the symptoms of chemotherapy.
Some use it as a cure for anxiety and stress
It also claims that it can help to difficulty sleeping
reportedly improves appetite

Side effects may include

Most often, patients complain of dry mouth and dry eyes.
Improper dosing may occur dizziness or even anxiety.
In rare cases, some patients complain of paranoia.

Super Skunk is an extremely potent variety designed for more experienced patients, but the correct dosage it can use even for beginners.

Super Skunk marijuana seeds

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