Sweet skunk marijuana seeds

Sweet Skunk is balanced 50/50 sativa Indica hybrid. This combination was achieved by crossing the Skunk Northern Lights.

This variety contains mostly cannabis treatment pinene, and caryophyllene, limonene.

Pinene improves concentration and has anti-inflammatory effects on the brain. In nature we can be found for example in the pines.

inflammatory effects on the body and are associated with the viscera caryophyllene, which occurs predominantly in pepper.

Limonene which naturally can be found mainly in citrus fruits, it is effective in relieving depression, stress and so on.

The therapeutic effects Sweet Skunk

Patients use this variety for relief from physical pain, cramps and problems with digestion
It is also reportedly effective remedy for stress, depression and anxiety
Some appreciate stimulating and cerebral effect that supposedly can fight off chronic fatigue

Side effects can be

the most common complaints are dry mouth
they may also appear dry eyes
In addition, patients complain that at higher doses may experience dizziness or mild anxiety

Sweet Skunk is generally balanced variety that fits both physical pain and the mental health problems. Patients must set the proper dosing regimen, since it is this variety in terms of THC content (about 22%), stronger than others.

Sweet skunk marijuana seeds

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