Tangerine marijuana seeds

Tangerine is a hybrid variety of therapeutic cannabis varieties resulting from crossing mystery CH9 Aroma.

Even though the origin of the seeds Tangerine is shrouded in mystery, we know that it is mostly Sativa.

maximum measured level of THC in the resin is around 18% and around 2% CBD.

As far as terpenes, so this variety of therapeutic cannabis dominated mainly limonene and myrcene

The therapeutic effects of limonene can be a relief from depression, anxiety and stress. The terpene occurs mainly in lemons and other citrus fruits.

myrcene terpene smelling like a mixture of tropical fruits, intensifies and prolongs the effects of THC. Tangerine overall treatment effect is stronger as it has a high ratio of terpene.

Tangerine Therapeutic effects:

Most patients take this variety for relief from stress, depression and anxiety
Some also argue that fosters creativity and has a stimulating effect of cerebral
Allegedly due to higher CBD used on body and muscle pain
it can also help with insomnia

Side effects:

Patients argues that occurs most often in drought mouth
incorrectly allegedly doses may appear mild paranoia as anxiety
In rare cases, patients have complained of dizziness

the final result is a very balanced Tangerine variety of therapeutic cannabis. Its potency is strong enough to satisfy a broad spectrum of patients. It also contains large amounts of CBD than other varieties, which offer better treatments for diseases of the physical nature.

Tangerine marijuana seeds

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