Think Different marijuana seeds

Think Different, or "Think Different", is a unique autoflowerings from Dutch seeds bank Dutch Passion.

It sativně dominant hybrid AK420 and unknown varieties of Cannabis Ruderalis.

The aim of Dutch Passion, the development of seed of this variety of therapeutic cannabis was to create a strong robust and fast maturing genetics that can compete even with the best samonakvétacími varieties on the market.

That Seeds Bank managed as Think Different matures in just 9 weeks and in the end its a big and stout plant that boasts a robust, glowing resin flowers.

terpenes spectrum in this variety represents mainly limonene and caryophyllene.

Limonene has citrus and almost tropical feel. It is found mostly in citrus fruits. The terpene has anti depressive and mind stimulating effects

Caryophyllene vice versa and helps relieve physical ailments and is primarily useful for muscle pain, nausea, migraines and sleep problems.

Think Different therapeutic effects:

Patients use this variety especially for relief from stress, anxiety and depression
In addition, patients appreciate the stimulating effects of a cerebral sativa and claims that is suitable for creative or physical activity, or just good conversation with loved ones.
Some use it as a cure for physical pain, nausea, and a number of other minor physical ailments.
Reportedly helps in migraines and dizziness

Side effects may include:

Frequently, patients complain of dry mouth and dry eyes
In larger doses may appear slight paranoia

THC is about 18% and is suitable for patients with higher tolerances. The correct dosage of therapeutic effects, however, can be used almost every type of patient.

Think Different marijuana seeds