TNT Kush marijuana seeds Je zde 3 semen.

TNT Kush is a wholly Cannabis Indica, whose genetics comes from the Pakistani mountains.

She was bred Spanish bank Seeds Eva Seeds. Due to its potency and range of effects on the account has multiple wins in the Cannabis Cup.

The plant has a typical bushy appearance and low growth indica. It has bright green leaves impregnated with nitrogen and well she is doing well in soils with low nutrient content.

As far as terpenes, so this variety of therapeutic cannabis contains mainly myrcene, caryophyllene, limonene and pinene.

Myrcene occurs for example in the manga and prolongs and intensifies the effects of THC

Caryophyllene has a peppery aromas and helps with physical pain.

Limonene stimulates the mind and reduces depression and anxiety. Located mainly in citrus fruits.

pinene is a terpene as scented pine needles and promotes concentration.

The therapeutic effects of TNT Kush:

Most patients will be mainly used for relief of pain and other physical ailments.
In addition, they used to stimulate appetite or to promote sleep.
reportedly also fits relief from stress and depression.

Possible side effects:

Patients frequently complain of dry mouth.
At higher doses reportedly may experience dizziness or even slight anxiety.

TNT Kush thanks to its 100% Indian genetics most suited for relief from physical ailments and relaxation.

The THC content ranges from 18-22%, and the patients are advised a gradual dose escalation. This variety of therapeutic cannabis, however, is good for both beginners and experienced users.

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