Trainwreck marijuana seeds

Trainwreck sativně is dominant (90%), hybrid variety of therapeutic cannabis.

origin of their seeds goes back to California. There are two brothers, around 1970, they decided to cross the Thai and Mexican sativa with Afghani indica.

Because of the train crash near stews that could reveal their operation had brothers original mother plant to harvest prematurely. Therefore, the genetics of this variety predominantly of Cannabis sativa.

plant itself has sativní typical features, such as narrow leaves, flowers but is robust, bright white dotted trichomes.

The spectrum of terpenes in resin makes up almost half humulene then caryophylene and limonene.

humulene located mainly in hops and has an earthy smell.

Caryophyllene a smell like pepper and helps with pain and inflammation.

Limonene is effective for depression, stress and anxiety, and as the name suggests, occurs mainly in citrus fruits.

Treatment Effects:

Trainwreck has a high content of THC and many patients claim that it effectively suppresses physical pain and migraine.
Apparently not too effective for anxiety and hyperactivity disorder.
Patients also say that it helps them trainwreck from chronic fatigue and stimulates appetite.
Some war veterans and other individuals disability post-traumatic stress disorder using it for relief.
Users will also appreciate the mind and stimulating creative effects Trainwreck

Possible side effects:

Most often may appear dry mouth or dry eyes
Patients sometimes they complain of slight dizziness.
At higher doses, reportedly may appear slight anxiety or paranoia

Trainwreck is very compact variety, as far as the therapeutic effects. Colorful terpene content it broadens the range of potential therapeutic uses. Suitable for almost all types of patients.

Lets not forget, however, that a high content of THC, so when its use is recommended patience and careful dosing.

Trainwreck marijuana seeds

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