Wappa cannabis seeds

Wappa is a rugged, durable and strong hybrid seeds genetics, developed by the Dutch bank Paradise Seeds.

It was created by crossing the finest skunk with a varied profile of terpenes, carefully selected by experienced growers.

Genetics Wappa, even though it is not known in detail, it is slightly dominant indica. Patients often praised her slowly emerging effects (up to 15 minutes), which saves them the amount of consumption.

The terpenes in a variety of therapeutic cannabis is very rich. Includes, for example, myrcene, pinene, limonene, linalool and even caryophylene.

Myrcene occurs in tropical fruits such as mango. Its effects amplifies and prolong the action of THC, thus generally strengthens the therapeutic potential of this variety.

pinene is a terpene as scented pine needles and cerebral effects promote concentration.

Limonene, as the name suggests, is mainly found in citrus fruits. Effectively acts on anxiety, depression and stress.

Linalool gives this variety scent of wild flowers.

Caryophyllene a smell like pepper and helps with pain and inflammation.

This spectrum is truly unique Wappa variety and only one of its kind.

The actual plant grows to medium height and has a typical shape of a Christmas tree with a slightly larger spacing branches than the 100% indicator of.

In adulthood Wappa playing different shades of color, from the dense green leaves, yellow to red after the staining petals, to the golden hairs, which abound on the site itself flowers.

The therapeutic effects:

Patients often praised the ability to relieve depression, anxiety and other psychological malady.
The second most often mention is that Wappa through its Indian genetics helps the physical pain, nausea and headaches.
Sativni genetics and rich terpene profile supposedly stimulates the mind and stimulates creativity.
It can stimulate the appetite appetite

The negative effects:

Patients frequently complain of dry mouth, and in rare cases, dry eyes
In very rare cases may appear slight dizziness or paranoia

This variety of therapeutic cannabis may contain 11-22% of THC. With the right dosage and because of their genetics and balanced full profile terpenoids and flavonoids is suitable for all levels of patients.

Wappa cannabis seeds

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