White Berry marijuana seeds

White Berry, as the name suggests, was a legendary crossing two varieties and White Widow with Blueberry. The country of origin is the Netherlands, but the two who first crossed varieties remains a mystery.

Genetics Blueberry and White Widow has created a perfectly balanced hybrid varieties that can simultaneously stimulate the mind and relax the body. Thus, it is suitable for both day and night.

This variety of therapeutic hemp suitable for beginners or demanding patients since THC content is around 18-22%.

The content of terpenes in the White Berry is dominated mainly pinene, myrcene and caryophyllene. A similar spectrum is also present in the very parent Blueberry genetics.

pinene has cerebral effect and promotes concentration. It smells like pine needles.

Myrcene occurs for example in the manga and prolongs and intensifies the effects of THC

Caryophyllene a smell like pepper and helps with pain and inflammation.

The therapeutic effects White Berry:

promotes creativity and thinking
stimulating psychological effect helps combat depression and anxiety
It can effectively relax the body and relieve physical pain
It helps combat fatigue
stimulates appetite

Side effects may include:

at the recommended dose, the patient can get into distress
Dry mouth Dry eyes

This balanced hybrid of sativa and indica can be used flexibly in the morning or evening, in small doses to stimulate and larger to relax. It can say that the patient is equipped with a variety of White Berry has a very diverse treatment options.

White Berry marijuana seeds

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