White Rhino marijuana seeds

The variety of therapeutic cannabis White Rhino or White Rhinoceros, was created by crossing the mysterious North American indica the world-famous White Widow, after which he also inherited part of his name.

In this culture, we can thank the success of the Dutch Arjan Roskmanovi Seeds Bank Green House Seeds, who during his life has created countless other legendary varieties.

In his documentary series Strain Hunters, with her, now deceased, friend and colleague Franco Lojo. undertaken many expeditions to places like Jamaica, Colombia, Congo, or even in order to find the original, indigenous cannabis genetics and make them stable varieties we know today.

White Rhino features and robust structure bushy plants whose flowers are capable of producing large amount of white resin.

In terpene spectrum of this variety prevails mainly myrcene, limonene, linalool and caryophyllene.

Myrcene occurs in tropical fruits such as mango. Its effects amplifies and prolong the action of THC, thus generally strengthens the therapeutic potential of this variety

Limonene, as the name suggests, is mainly found in citrus fruits. Effectively acts on anxiety, depression and stress.

Linalool gives this variety scent of wild flowers.

THC is in this variety is about 20% and the correct dosing is suitable both advanced and novice patients.

The therapeutic effects White Rhino:

It stimulates mood, which can relieve depression and anxiety
It has a relaxing effect on the body, making it ideal for relief from chronic pain and
cramps helps insomnia
It is also suitable for migraines and nausea
stimulates appetite

Among the negative effects could include:

dry mouth, dry eyes

slightly dizzy Light paranoia

the White Rhino is very popular among patients medical variety that is particularly useful for evening use and physical and psychological relax.

Since its effects are somewhat slower onset, it is recommended that new patients prudent dose and patience.

White Rhino marijuana seeds

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