White Widow cannabis seeds

Anyone who is at least partially interested in medical cannabis has certainly heard of White Widow.

This hybrid variety, which first appeared in the Netherlands, was crossing the original South American sativa Cannabis Indica with genetics from South India. Since its inception around 1990 its popularity grew to global status.

By crossing this variety originated several other varieties. Among the better known include:

White Rhino White Berry White Critical

White Widow White Widow or, as the name suggests is in adulthood packed with abundant white hairs containing a wide spectrum of terpenoids.

The largest percentage of these treatments terpenes include limonene, myrcene and caryophylene having a citrus, fruity and spicy pepper flavor.

Limonene has mental problems such as stress and depression.

Myrcene has the scent of exotic fruits. Acts synergistically with THC and prolongs and enhances the effects of this substance.

Caryophyllene is used to treat physical pain. Suitable for total body relaxation.

Since White Widow balanced hybrid of sativa and indica, its therapeutic effects are very encouraging and stimulating the mind, which is ideally suited for creative work and conversation, or just thinking.

Other therapeutic effects of cannabis varieties include:

relief from stress and depression
relief from physical pain
Help for insomnia
Help from chronic fatigue

Side effects may include:

Dry mouth Dry eyes

Lightweight paranoia or anxiety slightly dizzy

White Widow is the worlds classic even though it typically has a higher THC content, perfectly suited for both novice patients and experienced individuals

White Widow cannabis seeds

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