Williams Wonder marijuana seeds

Williams Wonder is famously known for the variety of cannabis Indica dominance Genetics.

The origin of this variety dates back to around the year 1980. It is uncertain whether it comes from the Netherlands, where it was first launched on the Dutch seed bank Sativa Super Seeds, or was first brought to Holland Williams family from Oregon in the US.

Spectrum terpenes in this variety of treatment mainly includes myrcene, limonene and pinene and some other lesser known citrus fruit and terpenes.

Myrcene has a fruity aroma and occurs mostly in the manga. Extends and enhances the effect of THC. This synergistic effect allows full use of therapeutic effects Willys Wonder.

Limonene has a citrus aroma and occurs mainly in citrus fruits. Helps with depression, stress and anxiety.

pinene stimulates the mind and concentration. It appears in the pines and smells like pine needles.

The therapeutic effects Willys Wonder:

It is very effective for the relief of physical pain and spasms
The sedative effects of great help to help combat insomnia
It is also appropriate nausea
Relieves psychological problems such as depression and anxiety

Among the negative effects could include:

Dry mouth Dry eyes

In very rare cases can cause paranoia, dizziness or headaches

the dominant Afghani genetics guarantees a low, dense and bushy plant construction. Mature flowers at the end of life colored in different shades of green, yellow and red and produce large amounts of resin.

It should be noted that this strain is more suitable for patients who are able to tolerate high THC content

Williams Wonder marijuana seeds