Pain is important for protecting the body from damage as it warns that damage is occurring or could occur in the near future. It is an incentive for defensive reactions aimed at eliminating the external or internal stimuli that caused it. Feelings of pain arise in the central nervous system in the skin or internal organs from which impulses reach the brain. The response to pain is the innermost and strongest reaction of the body. From a mental point of view, the duration of pain has a killing and depressing character, which sometimes turns into suffering.
Pain can be divided into either acute or chronic. Acute pain occurred suddenly. Its duration is short-term, in the order of hours to days, maximum 3-6 months. It is unexpected and comes without warning signs. Chronic pain, unlike acute pain, does not function as a warning signal. It becomes a disease itself, and its alleviation is the very goal of treatment. Pain lasts more than 6 months, is associated with psychological changes, may not have a clear cause, and is less responsive to treatment. Pain can be treated by using painkillers in the form of tablets or surgery or other invasive procedures.

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