Critical + Autoflower - 3 feminized Dinaf seeds

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It is a hybrid of intense sweet and fruity flavor and aroma.

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Self-refining Critical +

Critical plus is a self-paced version. The 80-90 cm high plant produces a very high CBD content . And the yield of up to 100 grams belongs to the popular autoflowering tribes.

It is a hybrid of intense sweet and fruity flavor and aroma. It has a regular growth appearance, which is characterized by large internodes, which typically means an open structure like Critical +. The palms are dense, spongy and compact with up to orange pistils.

Relaxing effects!

Flowering time is between 65 and 70 days.

Genetics : Critical + and Roadrunner.

Flower length : 2 months from seed germination.

THC Medium, CBD: Very High

Flowering typeautoflowering
Flower lengthshort (up to 8 weeks)
Genotypemostly indica
Heightlow (up to 3ft)
THC contenthigh (15-20%)
CBD contentlow (up to 1%)
Medical useappetite loss, HIV/AIDS