Diesel - 3 feminized Dinaf seeds

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Diesel is a very popular strain and has been found to be among healing hemp.

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Smell of citrus and diesel

Diesel is predominantly Sativa. He got his name by the smell. The citrus-lime aroma offers subtle oil.

Diesel is a very popular strain and has been found to be among healing hemp.

The effects of Diesel are exclusively on the psyche. Diesel does not offer powerful effects, which will make a person completely disarmed for a while. Instead, it is balanced and long-lasting .

Easily cultivated strain suitable for beginner growers . It also fits into the interior, including greenhouses. Diesel is popular mainly in the USA.

The specialty of the diesl is its aroma and taste . YieldIs not among the weakest, so we recommend it to cannabis fans, who have faded modest and widespread models, as well as beginning growers.

Genetics : Mexican Sativa x Afghani.

Flowering time : 9-10 weeks.

Yield : about 475 grams

THC content : high, CBD: medium

Flower lengthmedium (8-10 weeks)
Flowering typephotoperiod
Heightmedium (+- 5 ft)
Genotypemostly sativa
THC contentmedium (10-15%)
CBD contentmedium (1-5%)
Medical usedepression