Moby Dick Automatic - self-refining seeds 10 pieces of Dinaf

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It is the result of crossing the two best clones from Dinaf Seeds, one sativa and the other indica.

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Autoflower with maximum firing

Moby Dick is the most famous cannabis trick in the Dinaf catalog, this time in a self-sacrificial form. Originally, the only feminized version of cannabis has seen such profits that they have decided to continue in Dinaf and create a self-sacrificing version of Moby Dick.

It is a variety that has the dominance of sativa . She is very strong.

It is the result of crossing the two best clones from Dinaf Seeds, one sativa and the other indica.

Moby Dick is the most psychoactive plant with a THC concentration of up to 21% and the presence of THCV, a compound derived from equivalised sativa, and occurs in response to solar ultraviolet radiation that increases & uacutE.

Moby Dick produces physical and mental sprints . Descent is long, slightly physical and remarkably energetic. It causes a lot of appetite, extreme dry mouth, so it is recommended to eat and drink.

For the same reason, increased appetite is very well suited to treat the side effects of chemotherapy or anorexia .

There are two phenotypes of this cross, one tends to dominant sativa (65%) and the rest tend to be faster and smaller. Sober fema dominates the scent of pine wood with tones of incense , and indica feno is sweeter and less spicy.

For Moby Dick, it is well suited to have enough light , up to 800 watts per square meter, and a high EC of 1.50 to 2.00. It consumes more nutrients. It is important to monitor the pH. Do not allow it to increase if it reaches 6.5 to give the plant a deficiency of iron.

Outdoors needs a good sun and plenty of soil with plenty of space and plenty of water . You can look forward to yields of up to 1500 grams in optimal conditionsFrom one plant.

Ingredients: Sativa - Indica-sativa dominant

Flowering time : 60-70 days

Outdoor Harvest : 10th to 25th October

Yield : 200 to 300 g / clover

Outdoor height : up to 150 cm

THC: Very high (16% - 20%), CBD: low

Flower lengthmedium (8-10 weeks)
Flowering typeautoflowering
Genotypemostly sativa
Heighthigh (above 6 ft)
THC contenthigh (15-20%)
CBD contentlow (up to 1%)
Geneticswhite widow XXL , Haze XXL Auto
Medical useappetite loss, HIV/AIDS