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The overall effect of Hazu 2 is clearly stronger than previous versions.

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Haze 2 Automatic by Dinaf

Self-renewing Haze 2.0 is the result of crossing the self-sacrificial Haz and the elite clone of Jack Herer .

The amount of resin was increased to the maximum.

It has a scent similar to that of incense, wood and pine with a citrus aroma.

The overall effect of Hazu 2 is clearly stronger than previous versions.

The height of the plant has also increased by 20% , allowing better leaf structure and better yield. It is very productive due to its dense structure with short internodes (part of the stem from which the leaves grow) that make it easier to create flowersPlant.

Puppets are solid and hard, full of sticky resin with a small amount of small leaves.

Haze 2.0 is very stable and there are not many variations from one plant to another. This is an interesting feature when "greenery" grown indoors or on the balcony is not different from each other and guarantees almost the same growth of all plants.

To get the most out of this beautiful genetics, it is necessary to guarantee a lot of nutrients to this strain . If you are looking for plants to produce a "sativa" of a self-sacrificial strain, then this is your best choice.

Yield : 50-170g

Height : 60-120cm

Flowering time : 80 days

THC content : very high

Flower lengthlong (10+ weeks)
GeneticsJack Herer, Haze
Genotypemostly sativa
CBD contentlow (up to 1%)
THC contentmedium (10-15%)
Flowering typeautoflowering
Heightmedium (+- 5 ft)
Medical useAnorexia, Cachexia