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After a ten-year break, Dutch Passion is pleased to represent the return of Night Queen ..

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Queen of the Night

After a ten-year break, Dutch Passion is pleased to present the Night Queen return. This variety is our original 80s classic that existed before Dutch Passion registered as seedbank.

In our 1987 catalog, Night Queen is described as a variety of Afghan Indica with broad leaves that was popular with hardcore lovers stoned thanks to its strong body stone. We improved this variety in 1997, but its sales declined, as growers chose newer strains and hybrids that were introduced at the time. Finally, the Night Queen from our collection was somewhat reluctant to withdraw. Because we have received a lotRequests for Night Queen to be brought back, we do.

The aim of Night Queen was to transform the Indica strain, which would meet the world-class standards achieved by our several-valued Mazar . The output is crystalline, fast and soon blooming and a typical Indica variety that is easy to grow and is resistant to pests and molds.

New Night Queen is tolerant and very easy to take from cuttings, making it a perfect mother plant. It is low and suitable for indoor growers who use SOG / SCROG techniques. The name is concise, because most of the plants are very dark green, almost black. The female plants have a special character, are dark, beautiful and give rich harvest as if they are covered with hoarfrost, hard and dense rocks - they are real queens.

The high THC and CBD content appeal to growers for healing effects, as well as a very rich yield of more than 500 grams / m² in good conditions. NightThe Queen is one of those rare, pure hessian herbs, rich in the heritage of Afghan Indica, producing very strong resin-coated sticks. Night Queen gives a high yield and a variety of earthy aromas that one could imagine at the level of high quality cannabis, with the addition of certain spicy flavors that will be appreciated by witnesses and experts. First-class stone remains the main feature of Night Queen; There is now a second chance to get the best version of the 80s classic that is as high as Mazar.

Indoor / greenhouse

Origin: indica 95% / sativa 5%

THC content: 18-20%

Flower lengthmedium (8-10 weeks)
Genotypemostly indica
CBD contentmedium (1-5%)
THC contenthigh (15-20%)
Flowering typephotoperiod
Heightmedium (+- 5 ft)
Locationgreenhouse, indoor
Medical useGIT, Phantom limb, CD