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Best autoflower with sativa majority.

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Really great autoflower model

In order to differentiate itself from the rest of the crowd, each seed supplier may feel the need to " think differently ". This is exactly what Dutch Passion has made by deciding to introduce feminized seed technology in the 1990s, and now we have, by creating this very special Auto Feminized Strain called Think Different .

The goal was to create a high-yield autoflowering strain with an above-average strength that would challenge the best traditional varieties. In the beginning we used a strain from the Dutch Passion gene bank AK420; it is a high-yield AK47 hybrid with extreme power. AK420 has been systematically crushedwith a carefully selected Ruderalis. The intention was to overcome the high standards set by the legendary AutoMazar , the most commercially successful 2011 AutoFem strain.

Think Different is a high yield Autoflowering model that produces strong and homogeneous plants that typically grow at a height of 1-1.5 m, which sometimes yield a yield of 250-300 g per plant under optimal conditions. Really massive yield on autoflowering model. (Note: Commercial growers in the Netherlands have even grown up to 500 g / m2 when growing indoor)

Think Different is about 60% Sativa , 20% Indica and 20% Ruderalis.

The time from sowing to harvest is only 9 weeks and with a THC of 18% , it is a fast-onset strain, as well as a strain that is easy to grow .

Yield: 250 - 350 grams / plant

THC content: 16-18%

Flower lengthmedium (8-10 weeks)
Flowering typeautoflowering
Genotypemostly sativa
Heightmedium (+- 5 ft)
THC contenthigh (15-20%)
CBD contentlow (up to 1%)
Locationindoor, outdoor
GeneticsRuderalis, AK 420
Medical useappetite loss, HIV/AIDS