Syrup - autoflower seeds of Buddha Seeds

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Buddha Seeds

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Sweet Indica in a self-sacrificial form

Self-refining and a very strong hybrid that excels in perfect taste .

This hybrid is the result of crossing the self-sacrificing varieties with the sweetest indices.

Syrup plants are characterized by a branched, almost columnar structure below.

Although it is a productive variety with strong effects, it has an excellent fruity flavor reminiscent of ginger and elderberry , but its true beauty is hidden in its power.

It has a very heavy and dense smoke that can almost crack.

Its effects are narcotic but also healing . Smoking Syrup is due to its great tasteA real pleasure.

It is the ideal choice for the most frustrating growers and the most exciting consumers.

The most suitable method for indoor cultivation of this hybrid is Sea of ​​Green, in the case of outdoor cultivation, there are no obstacles or smaller areas such as gardens or balconies.

It is harvested in 55 days

100% self-sacrifice, 100% feminized

Flower lengthmedium (8-10 weeks)
Flowering typeautoflowering
Genotypemostly indica
Heightlow (up to 3ft)
THC contenthigh (15-20%)
CBD contentlow (up to 1%)
Medical usene
GeneticsIndica, Ruderalis