Magnum - fem. And autoflowering seeds of Buddha Seeds

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Skladem ihned(untill 06.08)

Best model from Buddha Seeds. Very stable, compact plant. Flag ship between autoflowers ..

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For maximum MAGNUM yield

The most efficient and most productive autoflowering variety ever grown !!!

This hybrid of three varieties is crossed out of the strongest and most productive species with rapid and strong growth. From the very beginning of the growth of the plant, huge flowers form.

Due to its size, we do not recommend indoor in large pots. In smaller areas we recommend using smaller flowerpots, or we can help with late trimming, which we can control its height.

This plant achieves the best results outdoors . On a flower bed or in a large &The flower pot grows vigorously and becomes a real monster. Growers are surprised that this is really a self-sacrificial variety.

The aroma and taste of this variety is fresh and has a spicy flavor. You will not forget his explosive power with a high effect that will cause an explosion of uncontrollable laughter.

Favorite this year!

Yield indoors: up to 100-150g / plant (max. 200g)

Flowering time indoor : 70 days

Harvest time outdoors : 70-80 days

Flowering typeautoflowering
Flower lengthmedium (8-10 weeks)
Heightmedium (+- 5 ft)
THC contenthigh (15-20%)
CBD contentlow (up to 1%)
Locationindoor, outdoor
GeneticsIndica, Ruderalis, autoflower sativa
Medical useappetite loss, HIV/AIDS