White Berry - 5 Feminized Seeds of Paradise Seeds

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White Berry dances very soon and works well in SOG systems. This marijuana model is medium in height with bright green leaves, dominated by flowers.

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White Berry by Paradise Seeds

Very early in the process and successful in SOG systems. This marijuana model is medium in height with bright green leaves, dominated by flowers. Interesting is almost homogeneity between plants. The ratio of flowers to leaves in turn ensures simple trimming .

White Berry is adorned with lots of hairs that are all over the surface of the sticks and, among other things, smells like gooseberries. It will provide you with a comprehensive and versatile smoking experience that has been achieved by the White Berry genetic crossing.

A typical result is the crystalline Sativa with effects rather on the psyche. But if you smoke it in sentences & scaronsThe amount will very quickly show up as Indica with strong effects on the body . Consumers who lightly smoke during the day, but enjoy a deeper evening "burn", will soon find that White Berry meets all of their requirements at once.

Genetic basis : Sativa / Indica (25/75)

Growing indoor : 50 days with a yield of 400 - 450 grams per m²

Growing outdoor : ripened in early October with a yield of over 500 grams of the plant

Effect : works up to the unconscious level (lucid), pleasant states, Odor / Taste : after gooseberries

THC content: 15-18%

Report from cultivation

White Berry has been available since Paradise Seeds since 2007. The tribe was originally called "Hashberry," but had to be renamed due to the same name of a competitive strain. White Berry belongs to classics from Paradise like Sensi Star or Sheherazade.

WhiteBerry was bred in Switzerland. Paradise seedsThey invested considerable resources to breed this alien. He went to Germany for a sharp test.

How did it go

White in the name suggests a high share of THC, so it might seem like an Indian. But the opposite is true because it only dominates 1/4 of the plant.

Dominance in algae is a short flowering time, only 50 days. Four seeds were planted in two-liter pots with Plagron's Mix Strandard Suspension. The light provided them with a 115 watt MaxGrow Dual Spectrum bulb and helped even a 400 watts HPS PLANTASTAR. White Berry was transplanted into 6-liter flowers. Breeders then flourished by cutting the light cycle from 18 to 12 hours. The lamp was replaced with 600 W OSRAM NAV-T. The first response to the cycle change was quick, it came in less than a week.

One of the plants was 25-30% higher than the other three.

Grows and changes colors

During flowering, White Betty's upper leaves turned violet to red. Changing the color of the leaves also contributed to the start-up productionA plum tree that gradually covered the plant. That's why White Berry truly deserves its White-White designation. In addition, the structure of the plant is impressively dense and firm.

With the final height and harvest according to the manufacturer's manual, the plants remain smaller to medium with a size of 65-85 cm. Their indoor yields ranged from 24-30 g. Paradise Seeds is blooming for 50 days. It stretches for 50-55 days.

Smoke is complex. The effects of saffron can not be denied in White Berry. Gradually, the effects of the indices progress and a soothing feeling is taking place, as Paradise Seeds can do.


The overall impression of White Berry meets expectations and can not be disappointed. Compared to other models from Paradise Seeds, outdoor can also be grown, offering higher yields. Outside is grown in early October. Very interesting is to observe the color changes White Berry.

Growing numbers

Origin: Unknown, 75% indica / sativa25%

Vegetative phase here: 20 days

Flowering here: 50-55 days

Substrate: Plagron Standard Mix

PH: 6.2-6.5

EC: Max. 2.0 mS

Lamp of vegetative phase: 2x 115 watt MaxGrow Dual Spectrum CFL, then 400 W HPS PLANTASTAR

Light in bloom: 600 W Osram NAV-T

Temperature: at night: 17-20 ° C, day: 23-27 ° C

Air humidity: 45-55% during flowering

Watering: by hand

Fertilizers: H & G One of the fertilizers in the flowering period

Stimulators / supplementary Hesi SuperVit, PK 13-14

Plant height: 65, 70, 77 and 85 cm

Flower lengthmedium (8-10 weeks)
Flowering typephotoperiod
Genotypemostly indica
Heightlow (up to 3ft)
THC contenthigh (15-20%)
CBD contentlow (up to 1%)
GeneticsMaster Luc
Medical useappetite loss, HIV/AIDS