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    Packages are packed in A5 bubble envelopes. We do not print a store logo or site URL on the shipment. We ship as gardening Pěstí . We respect your privacy.

  • Seed quality and preservation

    Keep the seeds at a stable temperature between6-7 degrees Celsius. Lower heat and drought combined with quality genetics will ensure high germination for up to 5 years. All seeds in stock are up to 1 year old. usually about 2-3 months and have a germination rate of about 95-99% (germinates 19 seeds out of 20). Thus, seeds can be kept at home and for longer (more: How to keep seeds and keep germination ).

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  • Legislation

    Please respect that we do not and do not advise on growing cannabis for drug production. At the same time, we cannot advise you if you are interested in cannabis processing with a THC content above 0.3%, it may be a crime producing narcotic drugs and spreading drug abuse .

    The sale of cannabis seeds is fully legal, as the seeds themselves do not contain the forbidden amount of THC.

    Cannabis growing up to 0.3% is legal and up toacreage 100ha. Growing cannabis with a THC content above 0.3% is an offense in cultivation for personal purposes unless the number of plants exceeds the statutory amount. Growing more plants, producing drugs and distributing them can be a criminal offense or threatens to be a pecuniary penalty.

    Web-based cannabis cultivation guides apply exclusively to technical cannabis with a THC content of up to 0.3%, which can also be found in the e-shop.

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Selection of goods

  • First seed selection

    Do you choose seeds for the first time? The following article explains how to choose and get to know you

  • Glossary of terms
    • feminized seeds

      Cannabis seeds with altered genetic structure. 99% probability of female plant (marijuana).

      benefits: female guarantee

      disadvantages: unsuitable for making your own seeds and breeding

      more about feminization

      Feminized seeds

      One of the greatest agricultural achievements in the cultivation of dioecious plants is the emergence of feminized seeds . This cannabis seed has been developed so that the grower does not have to recognize male plants from females and thus facilitates his work. Indeed, male cannabis plants secrete pollen to pollinate female plants. Feminized hemp seeds are made from selected female plants that have been subjected to temperature fluctuations . They cause plants to form male flowers. Pollen from these male flowers is then collected and used to pollinate existing female flowers to ensure the production of seeds that do not contain male chromosomes. Without male chromosomesonly feminine plants with a very small percentage of hermaphrodites grow out of feminized seeds.

      However, both male and female flowers are important in cannabis cultivation. However, in these seeds, the incidence of male plants is significantly lower than that of conventional standardized cannabis seeds.

      In breeding, the initial ratio of female plants to hermaphrodites was about 80%, a still better result than female and male plants in conventional cannabis seeds , where the ratio is about 50:50.

      There have been many significant improvements over the last ten years. Cannabis seed growers have done everything possible to remove male plants from the seeds, giving 99% confidence that they will only get female plants. This significantly reduces the possibility that a male plant will emerge.

      Making feminized cannabis seeds is a fairly simple matter. Just use some varieties, however, to refine the techniques & scaron; tickling plants is a bit more complicated, and it can take many years to achieve a sufficiently high success rate. It is generally known that technical hemp has no varieties and that it is feminized because of genetics. Unfortunately, too many hermaphrodites are formed by crossing with this variety. It is therefore totally inappropriate to cross. More about the process of feminization .

      White Widow is a variety that has become one of the first bred and affordable feminized seeds . It produces a very low percentage of plants - hermaphrodites and remains very popular today. However, cannabis growers know that overexposing the environment can cause the appearance of male flowers at the expense of females grown from feminized cannabis seeds. The bestThe way to avoid this is to maintain a stable environment in which the plants are.

    • autoflowering seeds

      Autoflowering or even autoflowering, autoflowering seeds. They contain genetics of cannabis, cannabis ruderalis. Unlike other cannabis species, it automatically turns into bloom regardless of the season. Thus, they do not need a decrease in light time to 12 hours for flowering stimuli (marijuana production). It changes automatically into flowering, about 21 days after sowing. They can also bloom often in the year and do not wait for the standard season, ie September - October.

      Advantages: quick switch to flower, independence of the season

      disadvantages: rapid growth = higher nutrient consumption, less height about 75 cm

      more about cannabis

      Autoflower seeds

      Autoflowering , called autoflowering seeds grow very quickly and with minimal effort. These varieties reachflower after about 8 weeks after germination . Some growers specialize in growing fast-flowering seeds, eg Easy Bud . These special seeds of autoflowering plants are ripe on the 56th day after seed germination . Growth takes only 7 weeks. The plants are characterized by a pleasant scent and high growth.

      Autoflower varieties are best grown in a half liter pot. Seeds of autoflowering varieties are placed in containers until they are germinated (but can also be planted directly).

      For autoflowering seeds, this method of cultivation is used in the Netherlands: according to our experience, it is best to soak the seeds first for 48 hours in water at room temperature. After this time, the white sprouts emerging from the seed should be visible. Nowit is necessary to transfer the sprouted seeds to a warm but dark place where it will be again about 48 hours. You should then see the growing roots. Carefully move sprouted seeds into pots spilled with pearlite or fine earth. Our experience has shown that if you lightly soak the soil and cover it with a transparent foil, you will speed up the slightly emerging sprouted seeds. Pierce the film carefully in several places. Try to keep the seeds moist (dew), but do not use too much water, because excessive waterlogging reduces root growth. If the plants have sufficient roots (4 - 5 cm), they can be transplanted into a larger sized container. In the next 6 - 8 weeks it will be necessary to monitor and fertilize them as needed. The average flowering time for autoflowering plants is 8 weeks. More about autoflower varieties in article HERE .

    • regular & iacutE; seeds

      Regular or standardized seeds are untreated but bred hemp seeds. The probability of a female plant (marijuana) is about 50%.

      Advantages: best genetics, higher yield, possibility of breeding and creation of new seeds

      disadvantages: female probability to male about 50/50

      More in article feminized x regular seeds

      Regular seeds

      Cannabis seeds are found in the so-called standardized form - ie without further breeding modifications. Regular seeds were widely marketed until 2009, after the arrival of feminists their meaning went down a lot. Standardized are seeds that do not have modified hormones to only grow a female plant. So it is purely a matter of nature whether a male or female cannabis grows. Regular seeds are especially widespread among experienced growers, but also among people with limited budgets. The probability of a female plant is worthle higher and so can grower to buy 10 regular seeds greatly earn. Even with a minimum of probability a few female plants are almost always guaranteed.

    • indoor

      Grown inside. Hemp models suitable for indoor use.

      more about indoor growing

      Indoor plant growing is very popular among growers around the world. Indoor cultivation provides many benefits . Thus, the result of internal cultivation does not depend exclusively on mother nature. By doing your own, you can ensure that all your plant requirements are met. There is a wide variety of plants that are intended for indoor growing . Choosing the right variety becomes a very important step that has a direct impact on plant properties .

    • outdoor

      Growing & yacutE; outdoors. Hemp models suitable for our climatic conditions out.

      Article for outdoor cultivation

      For many cultivation enthusiasts, spring is the most loving season of the year, as it is the season of outdoor plant growing . There is a large selection of outdoor plants that are suitable for any climate around the world. In particular, Cannabis sativa , which grows up to 180 cm in height, thrives outdoors. Indica is grown on balconies in Holland because it does not reach such a height.

      Growing outdoors is the most gentle for the plant because the exterior conditions are most natural for plantsmainly for the supply of more light. There is no need to deal with light leakage, electricity bills, light and dark rotation… Sunlight provides many other benefits. Unlike indoor cultivation , the lower part of plants is almost as fully developed as the upper part. However, in outdoor conditions, there is a lot of danger to plants in the form of rodents, animals, weather conditions (thunderstorms, wind, hail,…) For this reason, it is preferable to plant plants in portable containers or in a greenhouse. It is important to build a sufficiently high fence and visit the site at least once every two weeks, and more often if possible, because the plants should also be watered regularly. If you don't have a greenhouse, don't plant plantshydroponically due to the risk of evaporation. When looking for a suitable place for a greenhouse, it is important to keep track of where the sun shines the longest and most.
      Ideally, the positions are in the morning between 4 and 10 hours, ideally 5 - 8 hours . The estimation is really very challenging if you live north of 30 ° latitude south because the days are extremely short.
      Most of the light is not surprisingly obtained on the south and southwest slopes . Free areas on the north side of the slope with good southern exposure are preferred. Some books say that plants respond better to the morning sun than to the afternoon, so if you can choose between the two, the morning sun will surely be better. If you decide to build a plant shelter, focus on greenhouses , sheds or similar structures. Inside, walls should be painted white or silvery , which does not absorbvetlo.

      When transplanting plants into the exterior (garden), dig a very deep pit. This allows you to grow much higher plants. If the plant is very far below the fence level, it may look much smaller in the harvest season than it really is. Roots in the ground should always be protected by a container in which the root pack is stored. Thus, the plant will never be fully bound by the roots in the soil. Plants grown outside the container, ie freely in the garden, are much more exuberant, but they cannot be moved! So, for outdoor cultivation, it is really more practical to place in pots because of easy transport, because it is easier to hide plants in the event of an unexpected visit (repairer, appraiser) or event (fire, hail, etc.).

      Outdoor marijuana seeds from the menu are not intended for growing purposes. Cannabis seeds serve solely as a souvenir for collecting purposes. In principle, we do not recommend growing cannabis from the seeds offered because of the possible violationof the valid laws of the Czech Republic.

    • model

      The "strain" model is the designation of a cannabis of the same genetics. Each model has its characteristic features such as height, texture, substance content, leaf size, coloring, flowering time, growth time.

      for example: white widow - typical for its white appearance (THC content); purple - violet coloring of leaves, etc.


    • yield

      Yield is the harvest of cannabis marijuana. It is wet, ie fresh. Unless otherwise stated, this is the number of grams per m 2 when grown indoors.

    • sativa

      Hemp - cannabis sativa. It forms a taller but thinner plant, about 1.5 meters high but can be up to 3 meters high. It has a strong THC content and has a more stimulating effect.

      more about cannabis

      Hemp, cannabis sativa, is just the opposite of Indian hemp, which has much smaller leaves, thicker stems and grows and matures faster. Hemp grows significantly slower than Indian hemp, but is able to reach a height of more than 200 centimeters in a single season. It was originally found in Colombia, Mexico, Thailand and Southeast Asia. Hemp is characterized by a lower amount of chlorophyll and pigment (lighter green color) that protects the plant from excessive sunlight. This variety requires more light compared to Indian cannabis. Although hemp germinates and blooms longer and yield is usually lower than that of Indian hemp, its THC content is very high. Thai cannabis seed reaches a height of over 200 cm and is more suitable for outdoor. The effect of cannabis is often characterized as uplifting and highly energetic.It mainly affects brain activity and gives a sense of optimism. It also provides pain relief.The seeds of cannabis sown on offer are not intended for germination and subsequent cultivation. The seeds are packed for packaging purposes. Cannabis cultivation is prohibited under applicable laws of the Czech Republic.

    • indika

      Indian hemp - cannabis indica. It forms a smaller and denser plant, about 1m tall. It is more concentrated on substance content and is used more as a medical cannabis. It has more soothing effects.

      More in Sativa vs Indica

      Indian hemp, cannabis indica, originally originated from hashish-producing countries such as Afghanistan, Morocco and Tibet. They are plants of a lower size with broad leaves and dark green color. They are ripe after 6 to 8 weeks after flowering. The flowers have a strong earthy taste and a sweet to fruity aroma. Indian hemp smoke is generally heavy,causing slight drowsiness due to the amount of THC content. Indian hemp has a shorter growing season than hemp. The leaves contain more chlorophyll and dyes, so the leaves are darker than cannabis. Yield is also higher, although hemp yield has stronger THC effects. Indian cannabis provides relaxation, relaxation from stress and an overall sense of calm and serenity. It also provides total body pain relief and is often used in the treatment of insomnia. Different combinations of cannabis and Indian produce a large number of hybrids (hybrids). The resulting hybrid shows the typical characteristics of both varieties. The seeds of Indian hemp from the offer are not intended for germination and subsequent cultivation. The seeds are packed for packaging purposes. Cannabis cultivation is prohibited under applicable laws of the Czech Republic.

    • THC

      THC - tetrahydrocannabinol - is the most important substance in cannabis. She is the only oneregulated by law up to 0.3% in the plant. Breeding models of cannabis contain THC from 7 to 25%.

      It has strong stimulating effects.

      more about active substances in cannabis

    • CBD

      CBD - cannabidiol - is the second most important substance in cannabis, but it is not regulated by law in most countries. High-CBD models have been a hit in recent years. It has a strong use in medicine. Cannabis contains up to 1% CBD, but some models have 1.5%. Specially bred CBD cannabis models also contain 5% of this, always at the expense of THC.

      It has significant calming effects.

      more about active substances in cannabis

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  • Seed germination

    Standardized seed germination procedure

    • use a growing room with a stable temperature of 20 degrees Celsius.
    • use soil with pH ± 7.0. - the soil should not be too dry or too moist.
    • seed a seed about 5 mm deep into the nutrient medium in the vessel. - After sowing, lightly press the soil to promote sprouting.
    • spray the soil lightly with water. - Cover the container with a transparent foil, or use a plastic greenhouse designed for this purpose to achieve an optimal greenhouse effect.
    • after 1 to 10 days the seed sprouts to the surface. Now remove the plasticfoil or plastic cover.
    • sprinkle the water regularly with water, and wait until the top layer dries and then sprinkle again.
    • after 1-2 weeks, the seedlings will be strong enough, and then put them in a larger pot.

    a more detailed description of how to germinate seeds

  • Cultivation problems

    Problems with germination - the most common germination errors

    Branches of seedlings - complications of plants up to 10cm

    Problems with nutrients - yellowing of leaves, spots on leaves, drooping

    Problem with roots - root rot, root odor

    The most common pests 1 - aphids, mites, flies, fringes, lice, slugs, tobacco virus

    The most common checksdci 2 - caterpillars, worms, forest animals + molds

  • What is the seed germination

    The seeds of the cultivated cannabis species have a germination capacity of 90% to 100% depending on the manufacturer. For technical hemp germination is lower, about 60%.

  • How to grow

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    Complete information on growing cannabis from seed to final plant.

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