Fast Bud autlowering is quite possibly one of the fastest maturing models you can get on today's cannabis market. This autoflowering strain earned the name Fast Bud due to its extremely fast ripening.

In the case of the Fast Bud medical cannabis models, Sweet Seeds Seed Bank prides itself on the Fast Bud variety's ability to finish in an astonishing 58 days from planting. Genetically it is a hybrid combination of Sativa and Indica, more specifically Indica 40% / Sativa 35% / Ruderalis 25%.

The THC content of Fast Bud is above average, typically reaching 16% THC and 0.8% CBD.

Therapeutic effects

Due to its higher THC content, Fast Bud is often the choice of patients seeking pain relief or inflammation, for example through the production of cannabis ointments or other applications of cannabinoids.

It is an exotic plant that inherited its genetics from the legendary F1 hybrid Diesel.